Knockout your pain…with Reviver CBD

The word is out and judgement has been made—CBD Oil is here and users love the results. We’re finding it’s useful in treating life’s ailments in instead of traditional, possibly harmful medication and expensive, often life-threatening, addictive, prescriptions. It’s about time. Time we fight back against outdated pain options and knockout pain…together. At Reviver CBD, we love life, and we prefer to enjoy it pain-free. Our team is made up of family and friends who like to push life to the limit. Workouts, travel, sports, competition and living life all-in. Pain has always been nearby and was the single greatest motivator in making a tremendous commit-ment to CBD Oil early on. We have had our eye on CBD and the many potential benefits for years. Like other endeavors we take on, we went all-in. In searching for the ideal location to build our first Reviver CBD family farm we visited 3 continents, 14 countries and 8 states. In the end, we found what we were looking for…the best of the best, right here, in the good ‘ol USA. We began with an amazing facility in Kentucky and opened our second under the beautiful skies of Colorado. Call us homegrown, proud Americans. At Reviver CBD we began with our family and friends and led the charge for legislation, farming, growing, testing, perfecting and now…legally sharing the best CBD oil on the planet with YOU and your family. Grown in the USA. Extracted in the USA. Bottled in the USA. Distributed across the USA. The Best of the Best available in stores near you and at www.revivercbd.com.And if you’re wondering where we are at, we’re in beautiful, business-minded Charlotte, North Caroli-na, USA, building the best CBD Oil brand on the planet for our family and yours.


We Demand Quality, So Should You

When you talk about quality, the first thought is control. You can’t deliver quality if you can control the entire process of your product. If you import CBD Oil from China or Europe you essentially have no idea where it originated from. With Reviver CBD, we own the farm, the labs, the packaging facili-ty, the distribution warehouse, and oversee every detail up until the point it reaches your hands. It’s USA grown, USDA regulated, and more importantly, cared for by our family until it reaches yours. Our seeds, plants and CBD Oil have won numerous awards and we intend to win the most importan ac-colade of all—your approval. We guaranteed your complete satisfaction or your money back. Always.